December 1, 2010

Hey all!

Today’s Readings: Psalm 50, Isaiah 2:1-4, Luke 20:19-26


 If you have a few moments check out this video.  The video itself is 5 minutes but if you watch even the first few minutes you will get the idea.  This is from one of my favorite groups called Improv Everywhere.  If you have been around me much, you know I have talked about them before.  They even have a great book out that outlines some of what they do.  Basically, their soul goal is to suprise and delight people by doing these improv things out in the world.  This particular video had me giggling this morning.  There are other videos out there….a grocery store musical, sweet dance moves in the window of a department store…really interesting experiments that surprise us everyday.

This particular one caught my attention this morning because it starts with one guy who calls out to his friend to try to direct him back up to the group.  It catches on.  The other six “agents” join in and not much later, they have two seating sections in on calling out to “Rob.” People are getting into it.  They are excited to be part of the larger movement.  This turns into a major task that this group of people will be taking on. “We must get Rob back to his seat!”  A guy runs down to tell him at one point…doesn’t work.  By the end (yay if you made it that far), when Rob (the lost) returns, there is much rejoicing for his return. 

 Why does this perk my interest this morning?

1. During Advent, we are called to a greater movment.  Sometimes it feels as though we are wandering around, looking for something familiar or at least people we belong to.  During Advent, we are waiting for just that event in human history.  We belong to something greater…its a movement and its full of joy.  Although we feel lost, there is this event that is waiting to call us home.

 2.  As disciples living out our call, we are called to other grand movements in the world.  Today is World Aids Day.  It may be time to look up how you can help in fighting this disease, educating others, praying for/with those who are struggling and joining the movement against AIDS.  Here is a website to start at….

 3. Our scripture in Isaiah talks about the mountain of God.  It shall be on one of the highest mountains, above the hills.  We are called to go up to the mountain where there is peace.  Another great movement.  What if our mountain looked like investing in our community?  By the end of Rob’s wandering, he was welcomed back up (literally and figuratively) to where people were calling his name.  There was rejoicing and peace and relief by those around him.  We are being called, by name, to wander up the mountain…to peace and rejoicing and time with God.  This is what we are preparing for this season…by the end of it there will be rejoicing and we pray for peace.

O God, even though we may feel lost we know that you are shouting our names.  Even though we may be wandering around looking for something we pray that you continue to rejoice with us when we hear your call.  May we have a good time in the midst of a dark season.  May we wait patiently but with anticipation, realizing that waiting is an active thing, joining movements everywhere to make a difference in your world. Amen.



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