December 7, 2010

Good morning!  Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Readings: Psalm 146, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28, Luke 21:29-38

We all pray whether we think of it as praying or not.  The odd silence we fall into when something very beautiful is happening, or something very good or very bad.  The ah-h-h! that sometimes floats up out of us as out of a Fourth of July crowd when the skyrocket bursts over the water.  The stammer of pain at somebody else’s pain.  The stammer of joy at somebody else’s joy.  Whatever words or sounds we use for sighing with over our own lives.  These are all prayers in their way….According to Jesus, by far the most important thing a out praying is to keep at it.” – Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking

Today’s scriptures seem to revolve around prayer…the practice of it, the continuous need for it, and the importance of us being together in prayer.  Paul says to “pray without ceasing” while Jesus implores us to pray to be aware of things to come.  All will come in its season and during that time, it doesn’t hurt to connect in prayer with one another and with God.  I love Buechners way of outlining prayer because it means that our daily lives are prayer.  When we connect with one another, we are in deep prayer.  When we exclaim or cry out, we are in prayer.

During the Advent season, we can’t rush getting to the end of the season but we can spend a little more time in prayer.  We all do it.  During this season take a bit of time to really be in the moments, be in prayer.  How will you take some time today to pray?  Will it be visiting with someone?  How about on a walk out in nature?  Perhaps you have already prayed as you recognized the breathtaking sunrise….the world gasps and you are in the midst of it.  You are waiitng for that moment.  With our collective voices, we lift them during the season to pray something great.  There has got to be power in community.  Take this you tube clip below.  This is a kid’s choir in New York that has risen to fame.  Now, I have talked to some people that get a bit upset about these clips…because of course if you devote all of your time in singing these songs these kids will get to this point.  What about the other disciplines?  But I don’t to go there today. Let’s focus on when a group of people lifts up their voices to something greater.  What happens when 60-70 5th graders lift up their voices to become cohesive and community?  What a powerful sight!  While you pray today, know that you are part of a community lifting up prayers…what a beautiful sound!

 In honor of the 6th day of Hanukah I choice this song (you could listen to more if you would like ). Enjoy…

God, we lift up our joys, our sorrows, our life to you today.  May we lift up our day to you. May we pray without ceasing.  Allow us to see glimpses of you throughout our day.  We give thanks for this season of anticipation.  Amen.



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