December 13, 2010

Good morning! 

Today’s Readings: Psalm 40, Isaiah 29:17-24, 2 Peter 1:1-11, Acts 5:12-16

Yesterday was a super crazy day! After church, I ran out of the second service to hop in my car and drive (safely I might add) to Lebanon, OR to celebrate my grandma.  She is turning 90.  Here are two lovely pics…one of when I was pretty young (don’t mind the stylish mullet) and one from last April for my grandpa’s 90th birthday. 

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Grant and me
Just by looking at the picture, can’t you tell they are phenomenal?  It was a wonderful celebration with lots of family (some I had forgotten I was related to), church family, family friends that I have seen all of my life, PEO sisters, and the list goes on.  All to celebrate this wonderful woman. As you can see this has been a person who has been there for me throughout my life (and for my brothers). 

I have to admit that while I was driving, I was thinking, “wow, this seems like a long way…should I be doing this?” But when I walked in the room and saw gma’s face, I was glad I was there.  My grandma is patient and kind, wise and full of love especially for her grandchildren.  I could go on all day.  And she continues to be willing to have deep discussions…well, they both are…talk theology, life, food, whatever.  Amazing.

Why do I tell you all of this?  First of all, I can’t wait for you to meet her.  Secondly, when Paul and I were doing the bible study last night and we were talking about Wisdom someone in the room yelled out that when they thought of wisdom, they thought about their grandma.  I agree.  Third, last night later as I was sitting with the small group around Patsy and hearing wondering stories about Rod, I thought to myself that I really need to appreciate my people more.  Rod was well supported, well loved, and well appreciated but when we lose someone dear, we are reminded about our dear ones and to say thank you.  I hope that you let someone you love know today how much you love and appreciate them.  This is a hard time of year sometimes to remember loved ones but for those around you…reach out today.

And finally, I was reading our scriptures for this morning and came across the 2 Peter passage.  I was pondering on these letters written to churches in deep love, gratitude and appreciation for the work being done.  This work, and continuing work of the church, cannot be done without people along the way who teach us, support us, love on us, and give us kind words (as well as the best pie ever).  These are the people in our lives who have received precious faith and choose to pass down that faith to us.  I am forever appreciative of my grandparents faith and wisdom passed down to me.  My grandma (Helen if you are curious) said to a friend of hers, “And this is my granddaughter who is now a minister. She did it all on her own.” But I had to reply, “I actually have had a lot of help along the way (as I squeezed her shoulders).”

Take time during this season to say a prayer for the grandmothers in your life (real, here or not, or those adopted for wisdom and grace and love in your life). 



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