December 16, 2010

Good morning!
Today’s Readings: Psalm 62, 2 Samuel 7:1-17, Galations 3: 23-29

“Every act is a spiritual act.” – Rob Bell in this youtube video …Check it out.

Rob Bell is someone I admire as a pastor and speaker.  He is one of the pastors at Mars Hill Church in Michigan.  I have seen him speak a few times and have read most of his stuff.  His video series is an awesome one to discuss.  What he says in this short 2 minutes reminds me of something that could change the world.  I saw him on this speaking tour and I had already forgotten about this part.

Bell is reminding us that everything we do is spiritual. When we breathe, we are in communion with God.  When we act or react, we are acting out of our spiritual selves.  When we live in this world we are spiritual beings.  End of sentence.  We are spiritual.  Doesn’t that change how you might live today?  If everything you are doing is spiritual…if everything I am doing is with God, it changes my day. This means that when I type out these sentences, I am doing it with God.  When I go for a walk today, walking with God.  When I write my sermon, hopefully God is there…when I plan out worship, spiritual.  When I say hello to my neighbor, of God.  When I talk on the phone, spiritual.  When I eat, I am in communion with God….you get the point.  All of a sudden my day is holy. 

Isn’t this what Advent is all about?  Finding out that our days are full of the holy?  In preparation, we may find out that we are just that much closer to God.  We are just that much closer in the very air we breathe.

I admire people in the world who have found out just how holy life is and they live it out.  I have a good friend in Nashville named Sam Davidson and he started a non profit called “Cool People Care.”  Check them out here  Sam decided to create a movement out of his spirituality.  He wrote a book about how each day matters in our world.  He started sending out a daily email that is called “5 minutes of caring.”  The premise is that we can take 5 minutes a day, do something that matters, and completely change the world. It’s all doable stuff too. And know what? It’s working!  Since that point, he has passed on most of the company because it has been so successful and needed more leaders to see it for what it was.  But it started as one guy who knew that God was with him to change the world.  I hung out with him this last year in Nashville and we went to coffee but before we did we ran some errands for flood relief.  5 minutes…changed the world and reformatted how my day worked. 

Paul knew this when he wrote the letter to Galations.  He even highlights our spiritual lives when he speaks of faith. Faith is already revealed through Christ and we get to see it in action.  We see the promises of God to God’s people all around us.  The promise is that God will not leave us.  God is with us in this world.  God with us…the promise of Christmas.

We are spiritual.  Everything we do is spiritual…even breathing.   How will that change how you live today?

O God, help us to see that you are around us, with us, on the very ground we walk, in our interactions, and through our actions.  May we continue to prepare for you in are day to day lives. May you surround us with your life. Amen.



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