December 18, 2010

Good morning friends.  If you are in McMinnville today, there are two big events today.  At 11am we will be celebrating the life of Rod Bixler and at 6pm there is a concert to beneift Community Compassion Fund and the Soup Kitchen.  Please come to all! If you are in Corvallis, Jubilate will be performing at First UMC tonight.

Today’s Readings: Psalm 90, Isaiah 11:1-9, John 3:16-21

When I put “root of Jesse” into google search, this was the first image that popped up.

I absolutely love it!  So I wanted to know more. I found it posted on a couple of blogs and found out that it is by Ansgar Holmberg.  At the gallery where this is posted there is this description of the author…

From the site:  Catherine G. Murphy Gallery:   

Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ, studied with Ade Bethune, but her own work moves in a different direction.  Her color-saturated works are more reminiscent of folk art than conventional religious images.  She does not create for a liturgical purpose; rather, her art results from her own spiritual journey and life changes.  Her interpretations of themes are not fixed in the manner of Icons, but ever changing through time. 


What a fascinating description!  I wanted to know more about the artist.  Who is Ansgar?  She obviously has a connection to creation.  She has a connection to God.  On first glance, there is not a lot more information out there about this artist.  But we know that her colors magnify this mornings text.

This piece is fascinating because the root of Jesse is literally the many human forms as we grow.  There are amazing circles of life represented here and we grow from one another.  As the journey’s continue, so do we out of the root and into the flower.  Maybe this was indeed what Isaiah was talking about.  Out of the root stems a branch.  New life.  New forms of life.  New ways of living on the journey.  An ever flowing cycle of life.

This morning we will be celebrating someone who has become a stump for life to grow out of of.  He has passed on his knowledge, humor, and faith with God to those around him.   We will celebrate this morning the ever flowing cycle of life and know that its all a part of Advent.  The prophet cries out that there will be a time when new life will take over from the stump and the line will continue.  Later we say that this was an allusion to Christ who we wait for now.  May our waiting be full of color and life.  May we connect with other human beings and life along the way.  May we soak in art and get to know our creation.




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