Thursday in Guatemala

Hey all!

Well the ankle is healing and building is happening all over.  Today was a great day of building up and catching up.  My friend Raul joined us on my site today to build with.  He is a native of Xela and was eager to build with us.  He loves construction and people.  He could also chat about what life is like nearby.

I could actually walk without pain today and the ankle isn´t hindering exploration…people say I am stubborn but I prefer opportunistic. 🙂

Last night we went to Los Cumbres to rest a bit in a Guatemalan salon.  Some went into the sauna, some enjoyed the view, all enjoyed food and good company.  Super cool to see everyone mix and mingle…a great group.

Tomorrow we work a half day and then off to Panajachel.  This weekend we are on Lake Atitlan and then to Chi Chi….full days of beauty and such.  I can´t wait.  I remember those places as being some of my favs from before.

Til we speak again.


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