Saturday Morning Breakfast!

Hey there!

This morning I woke up and thought, “I am going to breakfast at the CoOp!”  First of all, I wanted to see what was up on Saturday mornings around town.  Secondly, I thought that as one of clergy I should probably see for myself the amazing work our peeps are doing.  Thirdly, I woke up really hungry.  Fourth, I wanted to see God this morning and I knew just where I could see God.

As a scriptural aside, did you notice that God usually shows up where there is food and people?  Wedding at Cana? Breakfast on the beach? Last Supper?  Eating at the home of Zaccheus?  This list goes on. 

When was there a time when you saw God at a meal?

Anyway, so I got myself ready with coffee in hand and went to the CoOp.  When I got there, I walked in and was welcomed like anybody else.  People held open the doors and chatted with me as I came in.  The only person I recognized was Deb at the door at first.  Entering into the Great Room, I was amazed that it has been transformed to a Breakfast diner with great service, beautiful tables, and a lovely menu with plenty of food.  The kitchen is bustling as people rotate through the dininng room.  Here are a few shots of people in action.

Candace and her famous pancakes
Deb with coffee
Yes it does take super human strength for dishes.

As you can see, things are happening here!  Some of the highlights of my time at breakfast…

Besides a wonderful and filling meal, I got to sit at a table with a few people that I didn’t know before.  Some have been to the Pastor’s Bible Study and some are new to even coming into the CoOp.  My favorite part of the conversation consisted of one person telling another, “We should totally come here to church because anyone can come here!  It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight! Dude, it doesn’t matter! We can totally come here!”

Another highlight was realizing that not only are CoOp people volunteering but those who are being served are getting up, putting on aprons, and serving.  I talked to one woman who said that she is fed so much at the CoOp that she is going to volunteer for next Saturday.  That’s pretty amazing and biblical!

If you would like to volunteer, there is room.  If you would like to eat, there is room.  If you would like to donate, there is room. Just let David or Delia Hammond know…or contact the church office and we can pass on the good news. 🙂

Have a great Saturday morning!


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  1. mira says:

    What a beautiful ministry! “Dude, it doesn’t matter. We can totally come here!” Awesome.

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