March 11, 2011

Today’s Reading: Psalm 22 “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”


I went to bed a little late last night and decided to check facebook one more time before I did.  Just minutes before I check this had hit in Japan.  What is amazing to me is that minutes after the tsunami hit, the news was up and running and all over the world people were posting to Facebook about it all.  There were concerns about friends and family in Japan, Hawaii and on the Oregon coast.  I was amazed at the responses forming already.  There were people freaking out, praying, connecting and supporting one another already.

We live in an interesting age when information is accessible at all times all over the world.  This changes how we see each other, support each other, talk about each other and see God throughout the world. 

At the same time as this information hit the news, I was waiting for other news.  I am still waiting for news that a baby will enter the world at any moment.  People from the CoOp are expecting their first and many of us are waiting in anticpation for this little one.  I hope that Efrain and Rebecca feel the anticipation and support from those anxiously eager to welcome the newest little one into the world. 

In the blink of an eye, instant news changes the world.  I am sure the people of Japan and those connected are crying out, “Why have you forsaken me?”  At the same time, UMCOR is already hard at work and people all over the world are springing into action and prayer.  That is a powerful way to start the day today.  At the same time, new lives are arriving and we rejoice in the God that creates human life.  Another powerful way to start the day.

The call this morning is to pray for the people of Japan.  May safety and support surround them.  Another call would be to pray for new lives being born and families of safety and support that surround them.  May they be blessed in our big, crazy fast techno, information hungry, world. Amen.



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