March 10

Good morning all!

Today’s scripture:  Mark 11:27-33

 Then when they were back in Jerusalem once again, as they were walking through the Temple, the high priests, religion scholars, and leaders came up and demanded, “Show us your credentials. Who authorized you to speak and act like this?” Jesus responded, “First let me ask you a question. Answer my question and then I’ll present my credentials. About the baptism of John—who authorized it: heaven or humans? Tell me.”

They were on the spot, and knew it. They pulled back into a huddle and whispered, “If we say ‘heaven,’ he’ll ask us why we didn’t believe John; if we say ‘humans,’ we’ll be up against it with the people because they all hold John up as a prophet.” They decided to concede that round to Jesus. “We don’t know,” they said.

   Jesus replied, “Then I won’t answer your question either.”

Kelli Anderson is a designer and artist.  Her TED video is through this link….

It is a little longish (16 minutes) but well worth the time.  She teaches leaders about disruptive wonder and creativity as she calls it. It hinges on wondering how things came to be and to be willing to wonder that and then in turn refuse that this is the way things have to be.  She says,
The world is full of order that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect. Sometimes there is meaning, justice, and logic present in the way things are — but sometimes there just isn’t. And I think the moment that we realize this is the moment we become creative people. Because it prompts us to mess things up and do something better with the basic pieces of experience.
What I love about all of this is that she calls us to look at the world differently.  Instead of what is, she asks the questions of what could be.  Failure is expected along the way and it doesn’t stop her from throwing herself into her projects. Failure is part of the innovation.  Resistance causes more change.  If we throw ourselves into this kind of wonder, passion, and project allows us to take the risks knowing there could be outcome or not.
Jesus knew this to be true.  The high priests and leaders thought about the order that should be…this almost oppressive version of who has authority.  Jesus looks at the situation and decides that they get to change their view by answering their own questions outside of the box. These folks arrive with expectations and Jesus turns the tables, he confounds the expectations.  He doesn’t reinforce the assumptions, he changes the reality of the conversation.  He becomes a disruptive wonder for people to change things.
So what if we looked at the world with tiny disruptions? How would our spaces and days look differently?  What if it transformed even that bulletin board or how you eat lunch or even see the next few hours of your Saturday?  How will you change the assumed expectations into something innovative?
Prayer: Loving God, when the world tells us we can’t do something help us to see a new innovative way to do something else.  When we are slammed with expectations of where you aren’t, allow us to see where you are.

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