Bring your pastor to work day – Dr. for a morning!

This morning I had the amazing privilege of hanging out with Dr. Scott Schieber!  I showed up a bit nervous for some reason…maybe out of excitement to hang with a doctor all morning….

Scott was pretty excited to have me come too!  I even received my own official nametag to wear around the office.

The good doctor gave me a tour around the office where I got to meet many people on his team.  I loved the feel of the office, the warmth, and the hospitality of everyone I met.  Obviously folks are proud to work with one another.  Then it was time to visit with patients.  We met with folks from all over the age spectrum and all with different stories.  I got to play with kiddos and chat about future plans.  I can say that Scott truly enjoys being with his people and offering care.  It was great for me to see how he connects with each patient and truly gives attention and care to each one.

In between visits, I got to chat with some drug reps (who brought yummy treats and coffee). I even learned the journey that brought one drug rep to what she does through wine country, editing, teaching and now this piece of life that allows her to connect with a different group of people.  While I chatted stories, Scott was great about filling me in on what drug does what and what our bodies do with them.  In each appointment, I got to hear a little bit about how awesome our bodies are.  I learned so much!

By the end of my morning, I felt as though I really was a little part of the office this morning! I even caught a glimpse of Kate Schieber filing away…what a treat!  I feel as though I learned this morning about life and about where Scott goes each day.  Just a glimpse anyway.  How fun!

Thanks Doc!

                                                             (Doctor hard at work)

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  1. Pastor Tim Christensen says:

    Okay, I am sooooooo going to steal this idea from you, Courtney. [chuckle…] I’ve been wanting to focus on faith-in-daily-work/vocation with folks here in my congregation in Butte, and this blog entry has pushed me over the edge. Great photos, great insights, and great encouragement for the folks with whom you live and serve to see where their faith and jobs intersect. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… and just flat-out stealing a good idea is essential. Thanks!

    1. pastorcourt says:

      Hey Tim! Please do use any ideas you find! We are all about being cooperative and collaborative around here! Next week I get to go teach 1st graders and be developed at staff development day at Linfield. Watch for the blog posts!

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