Bring your pastor to work day – Lunch at Hillside

Hey all!

Eleanor Plamondon and I have talked about having lunch together for a while. We finally decided that this would be her work day and I would go to lunch! This worked out for both of us!  Plus she could show me her new studio apartment where she spends quite a bit of time planning, writing, and answering her emails…work!

I met Eleanor at the front doors of the Manor and we set out for lunch.  Hillside’s food service is set up in a buffet line which I found to be nice for portions and deciding what I wanted to eat.  Since I am a vegetarian who eats fish, this makes selection much easier. Eleanor lead me through the lines and told me where her usual spot is.  She introduced me to people and we sat and had a lovely meal!  Eleanor told me all about her involvement at Hillside.  I love that she thinks in terms of where she is called and the lifecycles of programs. She really has it down that programs are for different parts of life and they move on too. If people don’t show up for singing, maybe its time for a new thing!  Love it!  That will preach.

After we ate and learned more about each other, we meandered to her apartment. She is so proud of this new home! It is compact but it feels spacious and all of the walls are full of color (no surprise there).

This is a dark pic because of all of the sunlight but Eleanor is smiling away as she shows me her space.  Sorry for the light or lack thereof.  Eleanor has plenty of room to eat, sleep, cook, write, dance in the shower and watch her favorite shows.  It is obvious however that the one who rules the roost is her cat, Callie.

This cat is a great companion and pretty much full of personality!  I loved hanging a bit with these two lovely characters. Thanks Eleanor!

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