Bread and Wine


Recently McMinnville Cooperative Ministries added a new worship service to our offerings of worship.  This worship service is a little different and many have been asking, “What are you doing exactly at this new Wednesday Worship Service at Remy Wines?”  Yes, you read that right, we meet at Remy Wines at 5:30pm every Wednesday.  We call this gathering Bread and Wine.

This week, after many asked again, what we do I thought I might outline exactly what we do so far.  The tricky thing about a new worship service is that we don’t know what we do quite yet and all is still evolving. Hopefully, it will continue to evolve but here is what we do so far….

5:30pm – People start to trickle in and put their food items on this long bar like piece of lovely wood.  We eat together potluck style so whatever comes, we enjoy when the time comes.

5:40pm – We gather into a circle and sing an opening song.

5:42pm – Pastor Courtney reads some opening prayer liturgy as we light candles for the space.

5:45ish – People load up plates with yummy food and can buy bottles of wine to share.  We start to eat and chat with others at our long table (pictured above).

6pm-ish- Someone who is our worship assistant starts the conversation by giving an intro to the first reading of scripture and then they read the first scripture of the evening.  We use the scriptures that will be used in the upcoming Sunday for McMinnville Cooperative Ministries.  This is a connection we keep to the larger congregation. We are all studying the same readings.

6:05pm – Pastor Courtney reads the Gospel lesson and gives a little bit of background and then we discuss for 25-30 minutes.

6:35ish – We break bread that has been brought and drink wine that is on the table and tell the story of the night before Jesus was betrayed.  This is to connect us to our history, our story, and others trying to follow Christ. This is another way we eat together.

6:45ish – We pray together and lift up whatever is on our hearts.  Then close in a Benediction and we are done with worship for the night.  Some stay to chat a bit more or to follow up with last week and we meander back out into the night.


Do I have to bring something?

Only if you would like.  We eat together potluck style so it is great when everyone brings something but sometimes you just need to be fed.

Where is Remy Wines?

Remy wines is on 10th street in the Granary District in McMinnville, OR.  Her address is 905 NE 10th Street. This is a tasting room but we use it as lovely worship space.

You drink wine while worshiping???

Yes. We believe in drinking responsibly.  We also believe that there was bread and wine on the table while Jesus ate.

How many people are there?

Lately, we have been having anywhere from 7 to 15 people each week.  While it can seem intimidating to come the first time, this is a great group who loves to discuss together, eat together, sing together, and welcome new people.

Can I bring my kids?

If you need childcare, we are happy to provide it at the home church, just let Pastor Courtney know.  There are a few kiddos in worship but whatever is most comfortable for you, we will make work.  It is not the largest space for lots o kids but lets keep talking about it.

More questions? Just let me know! Check out our facebook page too!

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