Dancing at the door

I got up this morning determined to write about something totally different, which I still might but this thing happens every weekday that I just MUST tell you about because it delights me so.

On one side of our flat, we face the sea and we open up all the windows to hear and see it.  The balcony overlooks the sea where we get to sit and soak in the glorious sun and just watch the sea move and change. I love it.

But on the other side of our flat, it overlooks an elementary school. There are two rooms in which the windows face this school.  School starts at 9am.  About 10 minutes before 9 the kids and parents and their people all start to gather just outside of the school gate in the little lot that our apartment building sits on.  There is chatter and lots of laughter.  There are so many people that gather and get ready and then at 9am on the dot music starts to play loudly over loud speakers.  And it is just about my favorite thing. The music is happy and welcoming.  It is so inviting for the kids to run in.

This happens three times each day.  To welcome the kids into school at 9am, the signal the end of recess at 10:45 am and to let the kiddos out of school for siesta at 2pm.  I LOVE that this not about bells and signals but about music that signals our day.  These musical interchanges have begun to really mark time in our day.  Each time I smile and announce what time it is about the music playing around us.  It fills the air.

The music just went off to signal kids to line up at the end of recess and head inside. I rushed to the windows to see them and glimpsed some of these children dancing to the door to go back inside.  Dancing to the door with all the excitement and happiness you could muster.  Dancing! They are dancing back into to go and learn and expand on a Tuesday.  How delightful is that and how much does that make you want to dance to the door of wherever you may be headed?  Let’s do it!

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  1. Music! That sounds much more inviting than bells.

    And the sound of the ocean. My happy place. Hope you are having a most blessed day.

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