Feeling the season change

rain 4rain 3rain 2

We are feeling the seasons begin to really change here. I know that in Portland it has gotten cold and not as rainy but definitely darker and colder. In Berlin we hear about really really cold temps and gray dark days and earlier and earlier nights.  Ana and I get sent pictures from Serbia showing us the new snow and see my friends in the Midwest playing in the snow as well with snowmen and dogs jumping all over the white newness.

But here on the Southern Coast of Spain we are starting to see it as well in the chillier evenings and the new rainy days as well as the closing restaurants for a season or just some vacation before more holidays.  We are walking along quieter streets with less and less to do but watch the rain happen in the mornings and the evenings look like the pictures above.

It’s a bit hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago the sea was so calm without waves that we could see clearly to the rocks and sand.  Ana even jumped in on a calm day to experience the amazingly teal and blue waters but now we see waves like the ocean and wind blowing the palm trees in ways we haven’t seen before.

The sun feels different as well. When we arrived on Nov. 1, it was still warm and the sun bright. We wore sunglasses and I even got a sunburn. We walked around in short sleeves and Ana bought a pair of shorts to hang out on the balcony in because it was so warm. Today we have the heater on and the doors closed to capture some of the heat while we have a few layers on as well. We can still watch the sea but it feels like a different scene.  We slip out for a walk when it clears in the afternoon for just a few hours and notice that less and less people are out and about.  The weekend promises a bit more sun but we shall see how much of it we get.  We are trying to soak in as much as possible before we head back north to shorter days and even cooler temperatures, icy even.

The seasons are indeed changing and preparing us for darkness. We will search for light soon enough and wait for the light to shift again and come back to us.

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