Space in Lent


We have begun what we call in the Church world the season of Lent.  It begins with ashes on our foreheads as we remember that we are mortal, we are dust and we will return to dust.  It compels us into a time of wilderness, reflection, and returning to God and ourselves, who we are created to be. After we began this journey of six weeks, Ana and I flew on Thursday evening to Belgrade Serbia to see her people and her family. We spent the first few days in the city, hanging out with many friends and touring around the city in a different way.

I was excited for this trip but also a bit hesitant to leave Berlin at the beginning of Lent. I love this season of reflection and find its important to carve time to talk and study with God.  I write a daily devotion each morning for close to 250 people as well. I was nervous about leaving our routine. It feels as though there is some stuff happening in Berlin that has gained some momentum but we also were very excited to see everyone…so on the plane we went Thursday night!

What I have found while being here are these moments of lovely.  These are moments to reflect and ponder and return to myself.  The pic above is of such a moment while we walked along the Danube. Such beauty in this place.

And then on Sunday we moved from the hustle of the city to where Ana’s parents live in a smaller village.  I brought along books, homework, things to do and have found myself with space to do them.  This place is calm and beautiful with also moments of lovely but mostly I have to remember that we are not bored but have created space for peace and for our own ponderings.  We walk along the sunset and enjoy the peace of animals who know no different and teach us how to just be.  We eat amazing food and sit with family. For me, sitting in a place where I know very little of the language is humbling and at the same time I am grateful for this experience I never knew I would have.

May this space in Lent greet you with the lovely and the peace.



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