The entwinement of life and death

In the midst of big grief in our family, yesterday joy and hope were born in the form of a new little one to add to the McHill clan. My new nephew, Owen Thomas McHill was born!!  Coming in hot at 7lbs 13 oz he came with cheeks and an excited big brother greeted him.  He was born in the afternoon Oregon time which is in the middle of the night my time which means I woke up to great news of a new little one in our midst that I can’t wait to hug and kiss and welcome into this crazy world.

This morning as I jogged with the dogs, made my coffee, got ready for the day, it just hit me over and over and over again about how life and death are so entwined in one another. It’s part of nature this death and then life, life and then death business.  While we grieve the passing of my grandmother, new life is born.  While we grieve another family situation that will include new life and then death, Owen starts out with all of the promises of the world including more life.  Life is not guaranteed while death certainly is. Everything alive has a life cycle and without death we won’t have new life.  As a Christian pastor, this is the very thing that gives grounding to our faith.  In the midst of deep grief, there can be new life and they aren’t separate from each other. They are mingled and entwined. They are mixed and meshed.  There can be moments of deep sadness wrapped in moments of deep gladness.

This morning I am feeling heavy from some news and yet so excited about this new little one and they aren’t exclusive and one doesn’t rule out the other. These feelings and realities are a both/and situation.

Life and death.  Grief and hope.  Love surrounding all.

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