Life of a dog mom in Berlin


Much of my day these days is taking care of these two interesting creatures.  They are like night and day in some ways and in others they are quite the pack for each other. They have really started to bond and follow each other around.  Here are some thoughts about life in Berlin with these two….

Things I am learning from them:

-Differences can drive you crazy and make you stronger.  Each day these two put up with each other but also use each other as the greatest play companion ever. Luna puts up with this playful creature that is six times her size and Pushkin puts up with Luna hardly wanting to play all the time.

  • At the same time being two dogs in the city is pretty fun if you are flexible.  Train rides become the best thing to these two and adventures are monumental even if they have happened before.
  • I have to walk much more and much longer with these two and it is causing me to think and pray much longer and and much more than I otherwise would. Perhaps this is not such a bad learning…to walk and spend more time along the trail, no matter the weather.

Things I notice having dogs in Berlin:

  • All of a sudden people around me are a little softer. The German culture is all about dogs around here.  People who would have never chatted with me before want to know all about the dogs next to me.  My dog vocab has really expanded exponentially.
  •  The world is much more open to dogs all over it here.  Dogs are welcome in restaurants even which is never the case in the US…maybe if dining is outside otherwise definitely not. Dogs can ride public transit here, go just about anywhere and are welcome to do so.

Things I am learning about the community when you have dogs here:

-Yesterday I took the pups to a dog school that has an open hour for playtime each weekday.  My dogs needed to run it out. When I arrived there were four other people and their dogs and I must have looked a little out of place because one of the owners started giving me the low down.  The group of people was as diverse and mixed as the variety of dogs….very…and yet we all chit chatted and got to know each other.  I have found that in Berlin, this wouldn’t just happen with a group of people. Chit chat is not a thing here but with a group of dogs, we are instantly community, committed to making sure we all succeed and our dogs do well together.

Things that are just funny about living with a husky and a little dog:

-Watching them jog together is hilarious.  I job, Pushkin trots and Luna gallops.

-They are hilarious when they play and when they cuddle when no one else is looking.

-These creatures can be a pain in the ass but at the end of the day life is pretty rich with them.

-One loves the sun (Luna) the other would like the cool anytime (Push). One has lots of fur, the other barely does. One could run all day and the other could run fast for a little while and then sleep all day. One fits nicely on your lap and the other would love to try. One seeks constant attention and the other takes it when he would like it but he will let you know it is time now for recognition. Opposites exist in the world and sometimes in drastic ways.



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