For the boy made up of stardust….

I am a lucky auntie who has been blessed with many nieces and nephews, chosen and bio….they are brilliant and kind, vibrant and creative, fierce and spirited, tender and big hearted….

And yesterday we lost the one who was made up of stardust, to remind us of importance and life and precious moments.  He was only with us for just under three weeks after being brought into the world with caution.  We knew he wouldn’t stay with us long and in fact, we are grateful for the time that he had here on earth because that wasn’t guaranteed.  I would have done just about anything to protect him and to keep him here and I would have moved the earth to protect his mommy and daddy from this kind of pain.

I have been far away so I didn’t get to whisper in his ear how much I loved him and will always love him but I trust that beings who are so in between worlds can hear love whispers from afar.  If he could hear me I would tell him that he is so loved and will always be. That he was made of ash and stardust and the goodness of God.  I would tell him that we could not wait for him to arrive but we understand that he must go because a life of pain isn’t really living.  I would whisper blessing and travelling mercies into places we do not know of yet.  I would hear him breathe peace over me and I would hope to breath peace over him in return.  He knows. I trust he does.

This boy was held and loved from moment one until he breathed his last.  He will continue to be in our hearts and we will always remember our little Theo who left the earth yesterday and is now at peace.

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