Living in two worlds

Like every other expat in the world. I live in two worlds. Some live in many more but I for sure live in at least two.

And its weird.  So weird.  Beyond weird. It is hard and beautiful and sometimes sucky and also really great.  It is all the feels to live in these worlds.

I just arrived home to Berlin on Tuesday late morning from being at home in Oregon for two and a half weeks.  Sometimes it feels like my heart is constantly in two very different places and is striving to figure out how it fits where when it knows where it fits a lot of the time but wants both places at once and all that they include.

In both places there are people I adore and places I yearn to be.  In both places there are heart strings to tug and reasons to be there.  It is a constant struggle of leaving pieces of me behind.

And there is this weird place of knowing where I want to end up but for good reasons we aren’t there yet.

This is the constant juggling act of the expat life. More to come about all of that…

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