On the eve of returning to the city…


I find myself, in the 20th day that we are in Eberswalde, a bit reflective about our time here before we return into the city tomorrow.  It isn’t that I haven’t been in Berlin for three weeks. I have been commuting in 2-3 times per week to nanny while we have been living in this much smaller town.  Even though I have gotten some city time here and there, it is different to be staying at a place with a different pace for a substantial amount of time and commuting in.  Our life has taken on a different pace as well while we have been there. Some of the change has been good for us out here and yet I think we both agree it is time to return to our place in Berlin.  We both are having dreams of city life again and what that will look like for the rest of the summer.  Here are some thoughts about expat life out here….

The forest – The thing I have enjoyed the most is walking through the trees. I have been posting about this and it is the most wonderful piece to experience.  We meander through trails just outside of our space with three dogs alongside us.  We take our time, we build in time, we notice the colors and the coolness.  We remember what it means to come from dust and to dust we shall return. I love to hear the rustling of the leaves just beyond the balcony. It is peaceful.

The pace – Last night after I came back from the city, we ordered food.  This is something we do every once in a while while in Berlin. It is easy and we can order just about anything we might be craving.  We opened up the delivery food website which is filled with hundreds of choices in Berlin and see we have two choices.  We choose one and click on what we want. The timer says it will be close to an hour.  Ok.  We can do that. We grab a glass of wine and sit back with our own projects.  A little over two hours pass and by now we are both so hungry we could eat just about anything and I say into the air, “perhaps I should call,” as I see the car with the logo turn into the driveway.  I rush down the stairs to pay and the man on the other end of the door says, “I am so so sorry. Is it ok?” I sigh, “of course its ok.  Thank you. No worries.”

Everything takes longer here, even we do. The pace is different and expectations are different in delivery, arrival, departing.  Everything seems to take just a little bit longer and it is a good reminder of what time looks like.

The people – We are watched a little bit more because it is clear that we don’t live here and are just visiting.  We are welcomed a little differently because it is clear our German is not the best but we are trying.  We are given a little more slack and a little less slack depending on the situation because in this smaller community we don’t know all the rules and that seems to be clear.  I am more comfortable around this because of where I grew up and it makes Ana yearn even more for the city sometimes.  I continuously want to ask people around us why they live here…what brought them here…why they stay. Maybe some time I will ask but today I continue on.

The commute – From the town to the city, I have been commuting two or three times a week, an hour and a half or so each way.  I watch people come into the city and watch people come out of the city. We all have our different tricks…reading, sleeping, eating, watching.  I watch people with suitcases and people with bikes.  Are they headed on a holiday? Are they coming home?  The commuter life is one of interesting ins and outs and I won’t say that I am forever into it but it has been a nice source of thought and people watching.

The return – Tomorrow afternoon we will have packed and cleaned and gotten ourselves back to our space.  We will breath perhaps a little easier to be surrounded by our things and already yearn for the trees.  We will pick up our old habits and gear up for the next adventure. I think I am ready.  Luna may not be though….

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