Staycation 101

A few weeks ago when Ana and I were house sitting we were scheming about traveling in August. Yes, we travel a lot and we love it. We feel as though it is a major bonus of living in Europe, especially in central Europe. I had just gotten back though after three weeks in the states and then a week later we went to Eberswalde. Our Berlin list keeps growing on things we want to do here so I suggested perhaps we talk about a Staycation for a few days in Berlin.

Staycation…treat it like you are on vacation but you are in your town. Plus August in Berlin is lovely and why would we want to miss that? So for a few days we are hanging out in Berlin but like we are on vacation.

Day 1 was a major success and the pups loved it as well!

More to come!
Staycation 1Staycation 2Staycation 3

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