We were in Spain….yes, again :)


A few months ago, Ana and I were discussing that we would need a few days of vacation in September, her to use some vacay days and me before I begin another Masters in October, it seemed time.  So we started to look at cheap flights to see where we might want to go. Both of us really love Spain, we met in Spain and we always take a chance to go to a different part of Spain.

Lo and behold, we find a flight that was 15 Euros round trip to fly to Madrid.  I haven’t been to Madrid since high school and Ana had never been…booked. Done.  Sure, it was on the worst airline but for a cheap flight, for 6 days of Spain, no problem.

So we packed up our little backpacks and set out for Madrid for close to a week.  The minute we stepped off the plane we both took a deep breath and felt more relaxed instantly.  Both of us tend to adjust to the Spanish way of life pretty easy. We move into later and longer meal times, we wander along the streets easily and both speak the language with much more ease. There is much to say about this trip which I am sure will come as I continue to blog…

-realizations of mixing languages at all times

-wandering neighborhoods and talking to people

-amazing street art and the best hits of places to visit

-crowded streets and yummy churros

-immense churches and people we meet

-generous tapas and amazing food

But for today, I must say as I sit in a cooler Berlin in our warm home, I will just say I am so glad we were there and already miss Spain and yearn for the next trip. 🙂

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