If our life was a movie montage


Before we left for Spain for a week we went on a bike ride around one of our favorite parks in Berlin.  Here is a confession, I am freaked out to ride a bike around Berlin. I try. I promise you but this place is so much more crowded (people and vehicles and small children and animals) than any other place I have lived.  The city is big for me so when I get on a bike I get very very nervous. I enjoy riding my bike but not always around the city. In the city I feel a little like I am praying constantly to a) not die on my bike and b) not run over a small being, furry or toddler like.  Anyway, we were riding our bikes and Ana reached out her hand to hold mine….while riding! I love the idea but in that moment I reemphasized that I needed every body part to concentrate on riding the bike and not falling. I yelled out, “When the movie comes out about us and there is a movie montage, we will be holding hands while riding bikes but in real life I need my hands right now.”

We both chuckled and agreed that the movie montage of our days in Berlin will definitely include that scene.

We went to Spain last week and I am dreaming of it now as I glance out the window to Berlin’s wind and rain and darkness.  A week ago we were in the above pic, at the top of a touristy bus, in the sun, taking in the sights of Madrid.  As we listened to the “tour” from the earbuds and the plug in in front of us, I took some selfies to remember and take in this moment, a definite movie worthy moment.

I find myself thinking about this every so often. If we were to write down our life or make a screen play…what would it include? Dreamy as well as windy dark parts?  These sweet moments that make the montage before us?

But that’s not real, is it? In reality we need our hands firmly on the handlebars and yet these moments are as real as they come.

I texted my mom about getting the infamous calamari bocadillos (or sandwiches) and eating them in the Plaza Mayor just before racing back to our hotel because we saw lightening in the distance. We made it into the room just as it began to pour outside.  She texted back, “You are making memories right now.”  Perhaps that is another way to put it.  We are making memories, living into what is, embracing the dreamy nature of it and the realities of relationship and needs and the ups and downs of travel and living in a foreign country.  All will be imprinted someday that I can tell as stories later. I love a good story and being able to tell it.  And sometimes we are just lucky enough to make memories and share them with someone.

What would be in your montage?


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