All Hallow’s Eve

jack lantern in the halloween night

Today is Halloween, All Hallows Eve and I am watching a Halloween movie and tending to a little cold. It has gotten me to reflecting on the holiday.  In the US this holiday has become about dressing up and eating candy.  Here, in Berlin, there isn’t so much of that.  I was out walking the dogs this evening and did bump into a few groups of kids that were out trick or treating at different buildings. The costumes were basically face paint and perhaps something on their heads. It has gotten so elaborate in the US to dress up with costumes.

If you are a bit older here in Berlin you might even venture out to go to a party which isn’t super unusual to other days of the year here.  There is usually a party to offer to anyone in Berlin on any which day.

I was talking to other students today in class about Halloween and we all agreed it that we liked parts of it but also that we weren’t going to celebrate it except maybe watch a movie and hang out with friends.

BUT if we actually on the holiday its about remembering those who came before us.  Tomorrow is All Soul’s Day in which we remember those who passed before us.  Today we remember spirits and prepare for the Day of the Dead.  Perhaps this is the season to remember as the leaves fall away. And perhaps dress up too…there’s no harm in that. 🙂

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  1. Terry Neal says:

    I’d bet that the vast majority of Americans have no clue about All Souls Day.
    We have some Tigard UMC friends visiting in Mexico this week. Looking forward to hearing about their experience.

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