Being home, returning home, and a resolution or two…


We have been back in Berlin for almost 24 hours from being in Oregon for three weeks.  This morning as I took the pups on a walk and stood in the midst of confetti and frost, I thought, “well, this seems like a good representation of how we returned.”  Berlin is known for it’s crazy new year’s celebrations and as we got of the UBahn yesterday we gasped at just how much was left over from the night before of the trash of fireworks, bubbly and celebration.

To return to Berlin after being where home is comes with all sorts of feelings.   There is a rush of nostalgia and sadness, excitement for what is to come and warmth in the home we are making, want to move back soon and already missing my people so much it aches and yet we are here in this season and for good reasons.  Reasons we have both acknowledged, agreed to and agree with. There is so much more to blog about with the trip home…about family gatherings and Christmas, being an expat who is assimilating to being an expat, the annoy things about Americans that get bigger each time I go home, but also the feeling of belonging and yearning…there is so much more to blog about being back and what that means for the new year…

But today I am jet lagged and adjusting, catching up with people and missing others, making mac and cheese and going to our grocery store and thinking through resolutions such as….

  1. preparing for another Camino in September
  2. striving for intentionality
  3. giving it my all at school
  4. setting aside writing time

Just to name a few.

For now, it is enough to cheers to you and to us and to say…more is to come!


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