Camino Countdown: 208 Days until we walk out of St. Jean

This week I got an excited text that our other pilgrim, Scout, went to REI to try out and buy a pack.  She found the one she wanted and it fit her perfectly but it was definitely out of her price range.  She lamented that she couldn’t get it right away but now knew what she wanted.  She even knew the color she really wanted…size, shape, all of it.  She returned home and looked on Craigslist. Lo and behold, the exact same pack was on Craigslist for a fraction of the cost….like even less than a third of the cost!  She contacted the woman and now her perfect pack is hers. It had been used only once!  The Camino provides.

I got so excited about this news that I ran to pull out our two packs to admire. Ana’s is the red backpack and mine is the maroon.  My first Camino I got to borrow a pack for my journey. It came infused with Camino knowledge and blessing.  It was similar to my now pack that bought a few months after my return (a gift from my parents).  I loved the color and brand so much that I bought one similar to the one I had bonded with on the Camino.

They are ready for their next big trek!

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