Camino Countdown: 160 days

For the first time since we decided that we would walk on the Camino again, I am glad that we are still over 5 months away from beginning in hopes that all of this COVID-19 business is well on its way to being behind us rather than in the midst.  I know that it won’t all be over by then and part of our camino will be to process what will life look like from here on out but our countdown gives me hope that we will still be able to go and to walk. I am trying not to get nervous that everyone will postpone their spring and summer walks along the way to September. This could make for a very crowded walk across northern Spain but at this point there is nothing we can do about any of it except wait and see what will happen.

Most of our preparations for the Camino this week are about waiting and seeing.  I keep visualizing along the way and how this time will be different and I just can’t wait to spend all day walking especially while I am in our flat hanging out.

Step by step. Day by day.

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