Bubbles on a Friday


Ok, dear ones we made it to Friday in another week of isolation and physical distancing.  In our household we decided that this means celebration and we opened bubbles and as we cheersed each other we sang out “Bubbles on a Friiiidaaayy!”

Now, yesterday when I bought these bubbles after braving the grocery store for the things we needed to make it hopefully another week without going out there into people land (besides walking the pups), I brought them home and said to Ana that I had bought them to celebrate the end of the week.  She didn’t know it was Thursday.  She thought it was much earlier in the week.

I exclaimed, “Tomorrow is Friday and we should totally celebrate how we are doing and the end of your work week and making it through and life.”  We both laughed. I wrote it on facebook and then today we looked forward to these bubbles all day.  At 5:30pm we popped them open and I am sitting here enjoying every sip while I write to you and check in with friends and scan over things posted.  We cheers and smiled and plan to enjoy them.

Here’s the thing…we need to celebrate the small joyful moments. It may not be with bubbly for you and I don’t want to say it has to be with drinking or promote just drinking but maybe you could celebrate however you celebrate. And it should be special.  Let’s mark this day…Friday…even when our days get lost and we fear less structure during the weekend…even when we lose time and are not quite feeling with it…even when we want time to speed up so that this might too pass..even when we are tired. Let’s celebrate this moment of time that we are here, we are present, we have made it today.  We made it.  We made it through our days. We made it moment by moment. We made it one more hour, thought, stressor…we did. Cheers!


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