Camino Countdown: 147 Days (a little less than 5 months)!

In this weeks Camino Countdown, we have talked a lot about our Camino journey while we sit and wait.  I have also been actively trying to talk other friends into joining us…not because I need that but because we love the Camino so much and it meant so much to us.  We just hope and pray that we will still be able to leave on Aug. 30 from Berlin to Biarritz and Biarritz to St. Jean so we can start walking on the 31st.

Five months seems both far away but also a safe distance away.  Originally we were wishing we had switched to Spring because we just couldn’t wait and now I am so glad that our plan was the fall.  We will have to figure out some other things too as things get rearranged and displaced but all shall be what it is and the Camino definitely provides.


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