Holy Wednesday

Yesterday felt as though it was just one loooonnnnngggggg day…the longest day.  I wandered around our apartment as if I had nothing in the world to do.  Just the day before Ana and I had talked about how people could possibly be bored.  How can you be bored in our world? I have plenty to do…reading, playing guitar, writing, watering my plants, planning meals, walking dogs and when all else fails Netflix…there is clay coming in the mail from one of my favorite studios so I can create and I registered for my classes to begin on April 21st.  There is plenty to do but yesterday for the first time I found myself thinking, “I am bored.”

Just when those words were about to leave my mouth, Ana looked up and said, “we gotta get out of here. Let’s go to Treptower Park.”  The pups and I jumped up, ready to go.  We even chose the park that is further away than our normal go to parks and one that is bigger so we could allow them to run and to keep distance.  It was a beautiful day which we all desperately needed.  I was so done with all of this yesterday.  I found myself thinking, “I want my life back. I am done now.”

But taking that time in the park to walk, hang out under the budding trees, and to let the pups run and chew on sticks made all the difference.

Today is Holy Wednesday and time to take it all in. Tomorrow will be about the last meal and the new commandment. Friday allows us to feel that darkness and death. Saturday gives us space to breath and wait and Easter is coming. But for today we need our reset buttons and our eyes able to see a new space.  We need the breather of the park and our tired hearts to be given nature and rest, within appropriate distances and time.  I need that.

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