Camino Countdown! 115 Days!

One more week closer than the last time I wrote about our countdown.  We are still reading what we can about if we can go on Aug. 30 and being on Aug. 31 and we are hopeful about what can come of our journey.

As of right now, we think we can totally do this and because so many people have postponed until next year it may even be more rich for us to go in the fall and certainly the towns along the Camino will welcome brave pilgrims along the route when it is opened again.  For so many of these small towns along the Camino, pilgrims are the main source of income.  So many small places along the route are a few cafes, a square, a lovely church and an albergue or two.  I can’t imagine how they are doing at this point. Usually this is a peak time for pilgrims to walk and no one is walking right now and many places are closed. I can close my eyes and picture how we were walking at this time three years ago.  The fall will be such a different but also meaningful experience.

We keep talking to our friends in the US who are discerning about a pilgrimage as well. Scout is still training and walking and praying and dreaming.  We are hopeful.

I am reading a book right now about a different but connected pilgrimage called the Via Francigena which runs from Cantebury to Rome.  This pilgrimage is more like 1000 miles, double the Camino Frances and sounds amazing. The book is about a man who walks/journeys along the way.  It makes me dream about what can be and the so many other routes out there.

Keep hopeful. Keep dreaming!

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