Camino Countdown: 107 days (3.5 months)!

This morning I woke up, the day after my birthday, and thought, “I really pray that this year is the year I return to the Camino, the year before I turn 40.”

40 is a big number in the Bible and is a holy number for so many of our world religions. 40 is about wandering, waiting, anticipating, holding space and prayer. 40 is about returning but also discovering.  40 is about God’s promises and new life.

So it seems appropriate that between this moment and my 40 I would walk again for close to 40 days on the pilgrimage.  Our plan is to move back to the States in a year, probably right after I turn 40, another new stage of our life but to prepare for that and to celebrate life we want to walk.

We are still hopeful as Germany and other parts of Europe continue to open up more and more with hopeful breath.  Things will never return to the way it was but perhaps it is the right time to walk.

I am coming to terms with the possibility I won’t be able to be in Oregon before we go so I am rethinking how to get the last items on my list of needs to walk….a micro fiber towel, a few new running shirts, things like that.  Scout got a travel wallet this week and even utilized a buy nothing group.   Ruth, who may now be joining us, picked up the perfect pants to walk in that can become shorts really easily.  Helpful for Spain in September.  Ana and I are hoping that soon they can know if they will be able to buy plane tickets this way.

The world is holding its breath but I am feeling more hopeful about it and the Camino is calling me even stronger, it has started to invade my dreams too.

Keep us in your thoughts in the next weeks and months.

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