Camino Countdown: 84 days

This week has been ups and downs, twists and turns in the world in general.  I hope to write more of my thoughts on what is happening around us at another time. In the meantime, we continue to prep and talk about our Camino journey in just 84 days.  Pretty soon Spain is opening for tourism again and we are hearing more and more about how albergues are adapting to still keeping safe and healthy.  This week I ordered another shirt and a quick dry towel for the way.  We also ordered two liners for sleeping that are insect treated.  We will use these liners and packable breathable blankets for our sleeping gear. These two items take up way less space than a sleeping back and a bit more options in warmth/cooling plus it is always good to be proactive about bedbugs.

Until next time the countdown continues!

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