People I know: Tom McHill aka Dad

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When I was a little girl, I had an ongoing debate with my dad.  My dad had given me a nickname from my very first days on this earth. He looked at me and said I looked like a puddle and the nickname “Pud” stuck forever after.  I was pretty embarrassed by it during a time in my life.  I have since embraced it and now think its pretty cute but when I was a kid I had it stuck in my mind that he had taken his nickname and had given it to me.  We would go back and forth…you’re the pud! No, you’re the pud! Back and forth until I would talk to my grandma on the phone to please tell my dad that he was indeed, the pud first.  I remember her taking my side on this one.

I have always been close to my dad.  I am, in fact, a daddy’s girl through and through.  Through every relationship I have ever had, if I am down about anything or angry or just can’t make a decision every person I have been with has said, “have you talked to your dad about it yet?”  They have always known that one of the only people that can talk to me about anything and everything and the one person who can help me sort through the decisions before me is my dad.  I will call and he usually says, “Ok, let’s just talk through it and figure it out.”  We always seem to be able to figure it out.

My dad grew up in Oregon, around Newberg and Hillsboro.  His dad died when my dad was young and our childhood has been one in which my dad decided he would be there for us and love us better than his dad could do for him and his siblings.  As a result, my brothers and I have a super supportive father who tells us he loves us often and encourages communication and joy.  We were always encouraged to talk at the dinner table and to enjoy one another. My dad loves having his family around more than just about anything.  My mom and he agree on this and always have.

My dad is a judge after being a lawyer for many years. Some of my fondest memories were in the law firm that my dad and grandpa worked together for so many years.  My dad has a deep calling to his work and is dedicated to people. He also has a deep calling to serving God in his local church, in his community and with his people. He cares deeply about his world.  My dad has a love of music and passed that on to us as well.  One of our favorite things is to sing together and always has been.  When I was a little girl I thought I could listen to him play the guitar all day.

My dad has given a gift in showing my brothers how to become amazing dads too which I have seen and loved seeing each step of the way. My brothers are amazing daddys too and I know its because they have learned from the best.  We love talking about theology and life.  My dad and I love a good glass of wine together and talking about almost anything.

Of course, there is so much to say but for now I will just say…

I am so thankful on this Father’s day! Love you!



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