Camino Countdown (57 days!), Scout’s birthday (today!), the 4th from over here and perhaps another thing or two

thumbnail_IMG_9805 This morning as I crawled out of bed, I looked back to the bed and started chuckling.  Luna was definitely not ready to get out of bed.  I had even slept in a little bit and yet my pup was not ready to emerge yet.

During these crazy times, as I watch what is happening in the US from over here, I can totally understand the want to just stay in bed some days.  As the cases of COVID increase in the US my chances of being able to return home for Christmas decrease. I try not to think about that possibility too much but also can’t help but think about that possibility. If that happens, it will be the first Christmas in my 39 years that I have ever been away from my family.  I just want to shout at people…wear your masks!  Protect others and care more about others!  Keep distance! We have seen how we can do this!

Meanwhile, in Germany, things continue to open up with caution.  People are wearing their masks indoors and planning most things outdoors when possible.  Cautiously we are reintroducing ourselves to the world around us, some more cautiously than others.  There were a couple of recent outbreaks in buildings in Berlin but quickly those buildings were placed under lockdown and the cases were traced to make sure everyone knew if they were at risk.

Meanwhile, in our household Ana got back from Serbia on Friday evening, safe and sound.  A big sigh of relief happened when she landed in Berlin and got through passport control just fine.  She had the whole row to herself on the plane and her mask was on and secure.  The pups and I gave her quite and excited welcome home.

I have been so mad and embarrassed at the US lately that yesterday did not feel like a joyous holiday to celebrate but instead we, like so many, watched Hamilton to remember revolution and who is missing at the table.

thumbnail_IMG_9804 We ordered sushi and I sang along to the songs and watched the story unfold rather than set off fireworks. Later I facetimed with my bio nieces and nephews and  my parentals.  We also felt like it was more responsible to stay in since Ana was just traveling. Not a ton happens over here on 4th of July which shouldn’t be a surprise.  There are handfuls of Americans that get together and maybe try to grill something (still not allowed in big open spaces yet but could at your personal location).  The US embassy has been known to shoot fireworks but not this year.  We felt pretty satisfied by how we celebrated this time around.  Plus I felt connected to others in the same boat, so to speak.  Hamilton is a gift to us during this time for sure.

In the midst of preparing for our Camino journey, just 57 days away, today is a much more important day. Our third pilgrim in our pack of three, even though she won’t be with us physically on the Camino this fall,  has a birthday today!!!  Scout will walk with us along the way and someday it will be time for her Camino to culminate on the trail. Her Camino has already totally begun even if she can’t fly to Europe in August.  The 5th of July brought one of my favorite people to this world in the form of Scout.  Happy birthday, dear Scout, fellow pilgrim, badass mom and wife and friend!  Love you!!  I have talked a lot about Scout on my blog so no one should be a stranger to her awesomeness.  If you think of it, send her family and Scout awesome vibes today!


Today I will watch online worship, go on long walks with the pups and continue to pray for the world.  I hope you will join me on that journey as you may be celebrating still with grilling and fireworks and the taste and smell of summer.  We have a long way to go until we can celebrate freedom for all people but I think now more than ever so many of us are ready for the call.




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