Midday walk


These two are quite the pair.  One of the benefits of Corona times has been the walking has greatly increased for them and me.  I was already walking so much more since moving to Europe but when I am angsty to get out, I have the pups to go on long walks with. Everyday I try to take them out for 40mins – an hour each midday right after lunch.

Today was no different but what was different was taking a set of keys to a friend who will be walking them for us on Friday so Ana and I can spend the day out and about together.  I walked them to our friends lunch spot in the hood about a 20 minute walk away.  When we arrived they immediately recognized her and started jumping for joy.  It is a wonderful feeling to be greeted by these two.  This jumping and excitement got some attention from others gathered around including a group of about 5 little girls, all under the age of 8 or so I would guess.

The little ones squealed and laughed and asked so sweetly to please pet the dogs.  I said, “of course! They would love it!”  And to petting the little ones were set on.  The dogs were delighted. They are so great with kiddos and adore them. They are gentle and calm right down for the love they will receive.

When all had gotten enough pets it was time to wander our way back home but circling around some of our well loved streets.  We started back out and a few blocks further an older man spotted us and from his straight face a large grin broke out. By the time we had approached he was downright giggling away. I stopped so he could smile at them.  Yes, all three together we are quite the sight as a trio.  This man’s laughter set off laughter in me.  We stood there without words and just our giggles.  By this point our giggles were louder and they traveled to an older woman down the street who caught sight and started laughing too as we approached. This set of giggles were caught by the three construction men just across the street as they paused to giggle at our trio walking.  Such joy from these creatures.

I am used to kiddos smiling and exclaiming but at this point it seemed as though the whole neighborhood could join in the joy of the pups on a walk.

Maybe this is how we get through the pandemic …at appropriate distances of course….

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