Jakobsweg/Via Regia Countdown: 25 days!


We are fully into the month of August and for us this means we are in the month of our next journey.  Today we booked train tickets to get to our starting point in Gorlitz Germany.  So at this point we have our gear all ready to go (my walking poles came last week), we have train tickets to our starting point and a place to stay that night.  I have been trying to book a few places along the way so we have some locations to land but today Ana and I continued to talk about how much we should plan and what we should leave open to see what happens.  The very first day we are supposed to walk 32 km which is a ways for us, especially for day one so we are trying to figure out how much flexibility we should leave in our trip.

We also know when we want to leave to go to Salzburg or around there at the end for relaxing. What we don’t know is what it will all be like, how we will feel and if we really do want to walk over 350 km.  Who knows, after a few days of walking we may want to do something totally different so we want to keep the doors open.  There is freedom in that on one hand but on the other with the details hashed out ahead of time there is freedom in our days. A good balance is ideal to reach between the two.

What are you up to in less than a month? Would you consider going on a walk one day with us but far away?


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