Jakobsweg/Via Regia Countdown: 5 days!


In just five days we will be on a train to our first destination and on Sept. 1st (in just 6 days) we will begin our great big walk.  You can see from the first map how our route feeds into the Camino de Santiago so in some ways we are still doing part of the Camino and on the lower route you can see where in Germany we will be walking some. We begin in Gorlitz, on the German/Polish border and we are aiming to end in Erfurt before we take another train to hang out in Austria for a few days.

We have our gear.  We just need a few last minute things to add to our packs and some candy to snack on and we are ready to rock and roll.

Our last minute list to prepare includes getting our apartment ready for our housesitter and packing our packs.  We want to see a few people before we go and wrap up both of our jobs so that we don’t have to worry about it for the next month.  We were talking the other day about how we are both so ready to just be on the walking schedule. Our worries will be about getting from point A to point B and whatever happens in the middle but not other things…we both need a change to clear our minds, exercise our bodies and we are eager to spend all of this time together without other distractions.  We will miss our pups wildly but also recognize how great it will be not to have them in our timelines for just a little while.  Our housesitter is stoked to come and hang with them and loves them dearly already. All shall be well.

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