Today! We leave today!

In just a few hours we are headed out the door with our packed backs and big walking ambitions.  We will take the train today to Gorlitz and begin our walk tomorrow bright and early. Tomorrow is scheduled to be our biggest day and we hoping to walk about 35 km to our destination.

For the past couple of days we have found ourselves surrounded by friends who just want to be near us before we are off for a month. They offer blessing and we cheers to one another.  I am so touched that we have this group of people here.  Last time when I left for the Camino my closest friends in Portland surrounded me and blessed different parts of my body for the journey. They gave me notes to carry along the way and they sent their prayers.

This time we have a different version of that but we have a group of people cheering us on from all sides, near and far.  Our pups will have an amazing house sitter so I am not worried about that. We are leaving our laptops behind and taking only a few items of clothing to wear all month.

All shall be well.

Peace for now.


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