These days

What a weird couple of days around here!

On Sunday we took our pups to Templehofer feld midday. This is a HUGE park about a 20 minute walk from our place that used to be an airport. The runways and the structures are still on the field but the surroundings have been converted into park land. We like to take the dogs to the dog park in the middle of the field. It is huge and fenced and the pups love it. They needed to run and there were lots and lots of pups out for them to play with. There is also a biergarten, a community garden area and just lots of wide open space. It really is amazing space in the middle of the city.

The walk there was easy and the weather cold but good for an outing although the full range of weather was out there on the field.

Strange but perfect weather and a good time by all. This was the first time since the lost event that Luna was let loose to run and run. That little dog can really make loops around all of us when she gets going and she thinks she is as big as the husky.

We headed home after a bit, had wine next door with our neighbor and logged on to the family zoom. We took the pups out and Luna seemed a little off but ok. She got Ana to take her out a few hours later because she was pacing and acting in distress. Seemed like a fluke.

The next morning she got me up at 5:30am with whining and pacing. While earlier than usual, I usually get up at 7ish, I took them out and noticed she was in distress again. Must have been an upset tummy. I was nervous anyway because I had an appointment for a new visa so I just stayed up and centered myself, etc.

Ana and I made our way to my appointment yesterday morning and it went swimmingly. I now am the proud owner of a new student visa for two more years if I need it. The interview was even all in German which I couldn’t have done the last time but it went well this time. Phew!

At another time I want to explore this whole visa culture surrounding me. Ana and I both just read the book, “Ungrateful Refugee,” which has been sticking with me when we talk about immigrant culture. We are not refugees but the book has really made me think about treatment of refugees, assumptions made, and how we can rethink much of that. Another time.

We got home to a pacing Luna. Out we go but that wouldn’t have been unusual. Our day continued but with some more outings for little Luna every few hours instead of every 5-6 hours. This happens with all creatures. Maybe she ate something weird or just her little constitution is in flux. Not a huge deal but I did start to worry since it didn’t seem to be changing for the better. She still ate some and drank water but now she was clearly not feeling the best.

We went to bed and at 2am Ana rubbed my back and said, “Luna is up.” Thus began a very long night for me and little dog. She was now clearly miserable and needed to go out at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I moved my stuff to the couch so that I could be up with her instead of waking up Ana. The husky went out each time I took Lue out because even if the husky is the most friendly and sweet creature, his looks can be intimidating which would help if I had an encounter at 3am in the city. (No worries, no one was out this morning at these times). At 4am I boiled rice to feed her by hand and gave her water as much as I could. At 5am I texted my dad and got up to crush Pepto into peanut butter for her. At 7am we were both finally resting but had to get up to take her to our vet.

At 8:30am I walked her down to our vet but now, of course, she seemed completely fine. Not pacing. Not having issues. Not whining or shaking like all night.

At 9:15am we were with the vet. No signs of distress. She seemed fine but they gave her meds and some for me to go and out we went. Home by 9:45am but late enough to throw the entire day.

She seems fine. I am exhausted. All was cancelled for the day. A nap has been had so I feel a bit more human but what a weird day! The past 48 hours have been full of ups and downs and weird inbetweens. There have been realizations and relief moments. There still have been deep convos about rising numbers and our life here and also very pleasant moments of good wine and laughter.

How has your week been so far?

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