The Keep Going on Song

The other day a friend posted this video on her timeline on Facebook. I watched it and then rewatched it and teared up watching it. It resonated so deeply with the emotions that I feel and want to express and say to others as I watch them keep going on. One of the dancers is from So You Think You Can Dance someone told me later and the other is an actor. They made note of who was singing, The Bengsons, which led me to the artist’s pages on Facebook and Instagram and their website. The Bengsons are a musician couple who just released some songs from Corona times but have had other amazing songs as well. I got lost in their music for a bit and other videos.

Yesterday the couple released their own video of this song, noting the dancing and grateful for it.

I watched as they improvise more emotion for the world and the next moments I was in tears. Yes, I want my heart to break open and for my rage and my pain to connect to others pain and rage and for my joy to add to joy in all of this. We have to make it up as we go. These words brought me to tears because for the first time in a long time it was exactly what I was feeling.

All of this continues the chorus of the keep going on song. The chorus is what flows through me all day long. Last night I was singing the chorus yet again as we keep going on….as we walked the dogs and got the coffee staged for this morning and as I was putting out more water for the pups….keep going on song.

As numbers continue to rise in Berlin, larger than we have seen yet, I keep thinking that we are in the midst of the keep going on song…longer than any of us anticipated, longer than we can make plans and continue to change them, longer than I have ever thought I would be away from home, longer than we could imagine.

Perhaps by posting, these videos could tap into whatever you are feeling as well and we can connect there.

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