Lockdown lite week 6

Here we are…Monday again. Week 6 of our current state of lockdown. This week it was released that we will be in lockdown until Jan. 10th at the least. When that was announced, even though expected, it did feel heavy to some extent.

This week brought a few milestones as I have written about and yesterday as the baking project for the weekend I wanted to make cheesecake for the first time. My dear friend April sent me graham crackers and so what better way to use them than in a graham cracker crust. I made cheesecake filling and sour cherry sauce. It is delicious! We could say it was celebratory for Advent 2 or St. Nicholas Day or just because..well, just because.

Today it is dark and grey outside and even at 11:30 in the morning the sunlight is barely there. Lights need to be turned on to move even around the apartment. I wasn’t ready yet for artificial light so I lit a candle beside me for the morning. I am trying to glean even the little light that exists today.

This week brings more of the same and searching for little glimpses of meaning, making our space more cozy and like living space we truly like since we are here all the time, and trying to connect more and more to people in creative ways.

What does that look like? Letters? More zoom? Just little texts? So here is to the week of peace and finding it in the midst of the lockdown continuing and numbers plateauing but not going down here. How is it with your soul?

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