Lockdown week 10

On the 10th day of Christmas, the world gave us a little snow. On Ana’s last day of vacation before returning to work, and before we had to launch back into our lockdown life, we woke up to snow actually sticking. Yes it was wet and slushy and yeah it wasn’t much but it was white and the husky could finally play in it.

We set out on a walk to explore and bounce around in what was coming down. Even Luna bounced around like a bunny in the cold white stuff until she got really cold. We bundled up and headed out. The snow helped our moods as we look at beginning week 10 of lockdown, week four of strict lockdown. This week government officials will meet to determine whether or not they will extend the lockdown, the strict lockdown and all indicators are pointing to yes. Word on the street and in the news is that we will probably be in lockdown until March. Even though we have been in lockdown people still gathered for Christmas and New Years celebrations so it probably will mean more.

Last night Ana and I laid in bed and just listed off things that we really truly miss and they aren’t huge things. I miss sitting in a restaurant, getting a beverage somewhere, and a soak at the sauna. Ana started dreaming up when we can return to places of relaxation and scheming about travels to come. We both miss travel, especially to see our families. It is hard to imagine that we could even get to Austria in September. What luxury that we miss now!

Someday we will get to do these things. Who knew that going to get a coffee IN a cafe would be such a thing to miss???

This week also brings the first full week of 2021. A colleague and friend pulled what they call a “star word” for me yesterday. The idea is that this word becomes your word for the year to focus on, explore, and integrate. My star word this year is “sense.” When I opened it this morning, I thought…well, what could that mean? And this may be the task of the year. What would it mean to trust that sense? To sense more often or intuit with that sense? How can I use my sense or be present to sense?

This will be an important task I think. I am thankful for these moments of intentionality that come in the midst of lockdown even when I yearn for it to end. Hope is on the horizon. Vaccines are coming. In the meantime we wait. In some ways Advent continues through Christmas this season. Do you have a word for your season?

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