Sunday morning follow up

Sunday morning centering and prayer includes a steaming cup of warm coffee and a few candles lit. I have watched a sermon or two already to also usher me into scripture although I probably could have done without the screen. I get tired of interacting with a screen but I also am eager to hear what everyone has to stay about the week and what God is doing. If you know me even just a little bit you know that I am a nerd enough to watch up to 7 or 8 worship services by the end of tomorrow. I love to glimpse into worship during pandemic times. It is one of a few benefits of this time that I see.

I have also preached a sermon for this morning that has been sent off to a church in the Midwest to hopefully enjoy later. Another benefit of these times is that I still get to preach here and there and feel like I am doing my part by relieving exhausted pastors all over. Plus I love preaching. I love the art of crafting a sermon and hearing what God might be saying. Yes, it is a bit challenging to speak to a location and people that I don’t know at all but also pretty great to connect.

In this moment I ruminate on what the scripture is doing this morning. The worldwide lectionary is about “Come and see” where Jesus invites his first disciples in the Gospel and John. It is about God finding us where we are at and then inviting us to see what God is doing even in the midst of crazy times.

This scripture this morning has me meditating and thinking on where God might be finding me and where I might be finding God in all of this….

-last night we had pizza with our some of our closest friends here who live just down the street and are in our bubble, Kathrin and her two year old daughter, Vida. We ate yummy food and laughed and were entertained by a two year old who knows way more than the average two year old who claims that Luna is HER dog (thank you very much) and knows how to order the husky around to his place to sit. She ate her fill of olives and then called her tummy her olive place while we continued to listen to 80s music and talk about our days.

-we found glimpses of sun even though it was so cold in order to walk to a park and throw the ball for the husky while the little dog found the best stick to chew.

-Saturday morning has become a chance for me to text people all over to check in and see how their week was. The conversations that happen are for sure God finding us.

-we are healthy and safe.

-the dreams of what we can do in the future are full of God’s promises of what can be in the world. We will get there.

-phone calls with nieces and nephews are always a place where I find love and delight. My five year old niece told me that next time we talk it should be “much much longer” and my 2 year old niece shouted, “I did!” with great delight when I asked her about a new dance class. The nephews filled me in on their weeks and connecting with my brothers is always good for my soul. While I wish that it was in person, I will take the screen time with these amazing littles full of love and light.

-Today promises to hold other moments of thought, creativity and a willingness to find God.

All shall be well, dear ones. All manner of things shall be well.

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