Happy Women’s Day (and lockdown week 19)

Today is International Women’s Day. I had never celebrated this day until I moved to Europe. Here, today is a holiday. All take the day off, grocery stores are closed, and texts wishing a happy day are sent to the women in your life. Observed since the early 1900s, this holiday is to celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women. Ana has informed me that in Serbia this has become quite the day to bring flowers to the women you celebrate (I have also heard from some friends that chocolate is appropriate too). Perhaps in the US we give this celebration to Mothers Day but this day is more than celebrating our mothers, it is celebrating women.

Today also ushers us into week 19 of strict lockdown although the plan is unfurling to possibly lessen restrictions starting today depending on the numbers. As of today we can meet with up to 5 people in two households rather than just one other person. As of today, we have more access to testing if the supply is available. And then next week if the numbers stay reasonable (they are going up again so we shall see) there is potential to go to shops with an appointment and negative test and a mish mash of other possible outcomes. We shall see.

Today there is sun even through the cold of winter and that gives me a little hope of possible spring arriving in the near future. On Saturday, even though it was grey and we didn’t quite feel up to it, we bundled up and went walking through the trees which gave us breath to think about the Spring and deal with week 19 of lockdown.

But today is about taking a day to celebrate and walk in the sun and enjoy this moment.

How will you celebrate the women in your life?

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