Lockdown week 26

As is typical Monday morning, here is my endless lockdown report. I actually had to open the blog first to see which week was last week. I have lost count of the weeks. Week 26, over 6 months, with a promise of at least two more weeks. Sometimes it feels as though we are in this weird loop of time. Last week, the powers that be of the nation of Germany, voted to have a more national approach rather than each state deciding on lockdown measures. Pretty soon we will see more extreme curfews if the numbers don’t decrease.

In better news, we are seeing a bit more vaccination roll out and last week it was announced the prioritization of Astrazeneca was taken off. People, pretty soon, will be able to add their name to a list at their general practitioner’s if they are willing to get this vaccine. Supposedly we are going to see more doses of Biontech arriving as well. I am cautiously optimistic about this news.

Because we hadn’t heard this news yet and we received other news about Belgrade, Ana and I decided it was time for her to go to Belgrade to try to get vaccinated. She flew out Friday morning, her dad picked her up and drove her to a walk in clinic where within the hour she was vaccinated with her first dose of Biontech. She will return in three weeks for her second dose. She gets home for the in between time tonight. I will probably go with her since she will get her second dose the day before my 40th birthday and I just can’t fathom being in this apartment as I turn 40 and then on top of that without Ana. So it seems like a better idea to be around her family (who will soon be mine as well) if I can’t be with mine and indulge in yummy Serbian food and beautiful sights in nature.

While Ana has been away this weekend, I have tried to search for these signs of Spring (although it froze last night with promises of below freezing for the next two nights). The pups and I have been going on long walks and turning directions we don’t normally turn. I took a few pics of our explorations yesterday…

Berlin can surprise you sometimes with remnants of what was a village in the middle of the now city and new street art that pops up. It helps to have the sunshine too. It has been nice to have the apartment to myself for a couple of days but Ana can come home now. 🙂

The pups continue to show in expressive ways just how I feel on a daily basis…

I vacillate between alert and hopeful and then crashing out and having the low moment in which I don’t want to do anything. This goes for classes, my writing, and just the want to explore. I feel as though perhaps most of us are in this boat. Recently, a friend sent me an article on languishing. I have seen many repost this on Facebook and I have it saved to read….and then just can’t bring myself to read it. I think perhaps this is what the article will be about. Perhaps today is the day!

In the meantime, I continue to prep for the spring with plant starts all over our apartment. I am prepping for Ana to return home. I am prepping for the days when we get to plan travel again. Lots of prepping during this almost springtime moment.

How about you?

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