Lockdown week 27

When I got up this morning I thought to myself, “Welp, I definitely feel as though I have a case of the Mondays.”

We are all feeling it around here. We begin our 27th week in lockdown after a rousing weekend around May 1. The numbers were starting to go down a bit before the weekend but it is reported that close to 30,000 people over two days took part in a protest over the weekend. That will probably show some ramifications in a week or so and just thinking about it makes me tired. Supposedly, we are under a 10pm curfew which my circles tend to respect but when we take the dogs out around 10pm each night you almost wouldn’t know there was a curfew in place around our neighborhood.

Things feel as though they could start to pick up any minute. I bought into a small garden plot with a few friends. The plot is about a 20 minute bus ride away from our place and the opposite direction of mitte so a less dense location. These plots finally open on Thursday evening with an orientation. I have been growing veggie starts to put in but the weather has been so cold that we will probably have to wait to put them in the ground for a few more weeks. The idea of dirt to dig in is really exciting to me though. I can just imagine the summer being plush with weeds to pull and plants to plant. I hope to have a few pics next week of what the beginnings look like for you.

Co-op gardening and community supported agriculture isn’t as much of a thing here. I hadn’t heard about such an opportunity before this and even this idea is foreign to many people here. Many of us have balcony gardening but this idea of sharing a plot to grow isn’t as common. For this one, supposedly, the farm that owns the plots plant half of the plot and we tend to it and we get to plant the other half. It is reasonably priced for the season. Gardening has been something I have really truly missed so this comes as a sigh of relief in some ways that I can do it.

Otherwise our life in lockdown continues to look similar each week…ebbs and flows, ups and downs, walks with pups and lots of sighing at each other.

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