Feeling like I can breathe

This morning I am sitting in our little bungalow place that has been rented for us in Zlatibor reflecting on how great it is to feel as though I can breathe in nature again. After 7 months in lockdown, everything feels like such a treat! This is really the first morning where we haven’t planned to get up early and go and do something. This means that Ana can sleep as long as she wants and I can write and putter and read and send messages.

It is a nice moment to reflect and be. Yesterday we ventured out to be outside most of the day. We walked to walk and hike along. We both yearn to be in nature as much as possible after being in so much concrete for so long. I haven’t left Berlin for 9 months up until now and I think I lost how much that has affected my very being.

Being in the trees around amazing clouds is incredible. I keep looking up and just breathing deeply. Yesterday we walked to the Monument for Executed Partisans. The trail is well maintained popular. It is just 2 km to the monument up this hill. Once you are up the hill the views are breathtaking. The clouds were rolling along and changing the landscape each second below them. We just couldn’t get enough of watching them and how the hills were changing before us.

We eventually sauntered down the hill and continued to look for trails to walk. We had long conversations as we wanted to be outside and walking as much as possible. We wandered through the village and found a route to a restaurant to try. Time functions differently here and seems much more flexible so sitting at the table and enjoying was longer but also, we didn’t have anywhere else to be but that table outside and talking.

We found other trails but eventually made our way back to the place to relax. Yesterday was full of just breathing and being. It is nice to be able to breathe that deeply again for a few days. It makes all the difference.

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