Sunday morning…

“Every day I check your blog and nothing. Every day!” My amazing wife said this to me the other morning out of the blue. She had my blog pulled up on her computer and she sighed with discontent.

The truth is, I haven’t written here for a while because I really have not felt very creative these days. Ever since I returned from the United States in September, I briefly think about returning to my writing disciplines and then let it sit to the side for a variety of other things. I have been waiting for the creative juices to flow or strike or arise and yet they just have not shown up. I know that much of this is my own doing. Writers talk about the nature of “fake it until you make it” or just writing every day whether you feel it or not and that is when it happens.

There has been much that has passed to write about…our trip to the US, our return to Berlin, the Autumn as it shows up and little adventures like special meals and walks and even a trip to Tubingen and yet my blog seems neglected.

If you are a creative, surely you know exactly how this feels…

But this morning as I was walking the dogs after staying in bed a little longer than usual, I was reflecting on just how much my Sunday mornings have changed in the past five years. Instead of dog walks and sunrises and preparing to go to brunch, five years ago I would have been in my office in the wee hours of the morning to capture my breath and thoughts before the day began in earnest in the church. Sometimes I miss it. This morning I didn’t. Sundays are holy still and yet I have no intention of going to church today and that is ok. I get it. I fully understand it. There will be church later on in friend meetings, online gatherings, a Sunday evening zoom call with my family and more dog walks. The nature of the holy is shifting and I think it is a good thing although many would argue we must strive to get members back to what we were doing before. I would argue we must expand.

More to come and perhaps the blog is returning but for now, it is good to see you here again. 🙂

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