It is 10am and dark outside…

Both Ana and I are at our computers and sulking a bit. We both got up earlier than normal. I was wide awake at 6am for some reason but didn’t get out of bed until 6:45 and Ana was awake by 7 although she meandered out at 8:30. We sat with our coffees, all of the lamps on in the house and frowned outside. It is dark and grey today. It is pouring, starting luckily just after I brought the dogs in from our morning walk. It seems wrong that it should look like 5pm already by the time we have just gotten up and sipped coffee. You could argue it could be cozy and yet it is putting us both in a bit of a funk.

Sure, I turned on some music while I turned on an almost scalding hot shower to try to lift my spirits. Yesterday, the sun was out and I had coffee outside with a friend in the middle of a day that felt kind of….off. There were some weird little things that happened but it didn’t matter as the sun shined on us and we sat in comfy chairs outside of a cool cafe that fights for trans rights and enjoyed the moment.

Pushkin just got picked up by this amazing dude who picks him up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, along with a few other dogs, to take them by van to a forest or field to run for hours. He will have an amazing time and come back wet and muddy and happy. He will shed the mud in dust form throughout the day for me to vaccuum up later. He will be happy about the rain.

Today I read in the news that it is supposed to rain more just today than it usually does for the month of November in Berlin. It is supposed to rain the rest of the week. It makes me kind of sleepy even though I haven’t been up even a half of a day.

Perhaps I could see this as good writing inside weather. Weather to work on upcoming Advent ideas. Weather to work on my reading goals, writing goals and just hanging out goals. Maybe we could see this as a chance to rest and relax. In the meantime we are both a little put out its so dark all day today. I better pop some vitamin D and get ready for the days to come.

And drink more coffee….

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